Best Sex Positions For Men With Erectile Dysfunction

Best Sex Positions For Men With Erectile Dysfunction


Being a man comes with challenges, especially when it is related to personal intimacy. Society expects us to effortlessly maintain erections and mirror the exaggerated sexual prowess of male characters in adult films and mainstream media, who appear to endlessly satisfy their partners.

However, this portrayal is far removed from reality and establishes unattainable standards, leading to strain in relationships and disappointment. The reality is that various factors, including physical, psychological, and medical factors, influence our sexual performance.

Nevertheless, there is hope. By recognizing issues such as erectile dysfunction (ED) and exploring natural remedies, men can take back control of their sexual health. Let’s explore ways to tackle this common disorder and regain confidence in the bedroom.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction encompasses a wide range of conditions, commonly defined as the difficulty in achieving and sustaining an erection firm enough for satisfactory sexual intercourse. This raises questions about what constitutes satisfying sex and by whose standards it is measured.

In reality, ED is a medical term that covers anything from temporary erectile issues to complete inability to achieve an erection. It’s noteworthy that around half of men experience some form of ED by the age of 40, with nearly a quarter of men under 40 experiencing either weak erections or complete inability to maintain them during sex.

Statistics from the Cleveland Clinic suggest that a significant proportion of men, up to 20%, struggle with getting and keeping an erection in various sexual encounters. Additionally, the prevalence of erectile dysfunction tends to increase with age, with approximately a 10% increase in incidence with each passing decade.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

Surprisingly, the roots of erectile dysfunction (ED) are as diverse as its definition. ED can arise from a multitude of factors, such as inadequate blood circulation to the penis, nerve damage following prostate cancer surgery, weakening of pelvic muscles, anxiety, stress, medication side effects, psychological conditions, or general health issues. Due to the multitude of underlying causes contributing to ED, there is no straightforward solution to prevent or reverse it.

Important factors required to maintain a firm erection in men

In order to understand why a large number of men suffer from penile issues, it is quite important to know that a men’s body is quite important to maintain and sustain a long-lasting erection.

Powerful Pelvic Muscles

Your pelvic muscles control your penis. They are responsible for forcing blood into the penis, holding it in, and maintaining a rock-hard erection. It is quite unfortunate that the pelvic muscles of most of the men are weak in nature to start with and gets weak further which further results in loss of penile functioning & less sexual pleasure at the same time soft erections. A man’s erections are stronger, harder and last longer when his pelvic muscles are exercised.

Proper flow of blood to the penis

Harder and longer-lasting erections require more than strong pelvic muscles. Male penis needs proper flow of blood and large amount of nitrix oxide in order to create hard erections. Similar to the pelvic muscles, as people age, blood flow to the penis tends to diminish, which results in erectile dysfunction, loss of stiffness, and subpar sexual performance. Heart Related Problems, Obesity, Smoking and more consumption of alcohol harm blood arteries making it much more difficult to achieve erections. Eating properly, making time for exercise and consuming adequate supplements could enhance overall performance of blood to the penis.

Sensitive Penile Nerves and Simulation

Adequate nerve sensitivity of the penis is quite important for maintaining solid and erections. Proper lubrication during sexual activity could play a large difference in maintaining a strong erection. It has also been observed that a lot of individuals suffering from prostate cancer largely suffer from erectile dysfunction which is largely caused by damage to the nerves of the penis.

Top 5 positions for better sexual functioning


This enduring sexual position has been celebrated in songs and humor for generations, if not centuries. Intriguingly, it holds specific advantages for men coping with erectile dysfunction (ED). In this stance, you possess the ability to regulate penetration speed, activate pelvic muscles, and guarantee thorough physical stimulation throughout the penis. Watching the synchronized motion of our genitals during sex can be visually arousing, vital for sustaining a strong erection. Additionally, this posture encourages relaxation and enhances blood circulation to the penis, rendering it highly effective in addressing ED.


This position is quite popular when woman is on top and is facing away from the man offers both visual and physical excitement. This position enables the body to remain relaxed while prone, promoting healthy blood circulation to the penis. Not only does it provide optimal viewing of full penetration, but it also facilitates significant friction and grants the opportunity to touch, grip, and guide your partner atop your penis while actively engaging pelvic muscles.


Best sexual position for men dealing with erectile dysfunction is commonly known as “woman on top.” Unlike the reverse cowgirl position, in this arrangement, the woman faces you directly. This orientation offers a complete perspective of your partner, enables you to witness penetration, and triggers significant visual arousal. You have a clear view of the entirety of your genitalia, your hands are unrestricted to offer clitoral stimulation to your partner, and you can unwind while enjoying the rhythmic movement of her breasts.


When you and your partner lie next to each other, with you behind her, the spoon position maximizes body contact. It promotes relaxation, enhances blood flow, enables full-body exploration, maintains control, and ignites strong physical and visual stimulation. You can observe your movements and regulate thrusting speed while staying at ease.


Though not traditionally labeled as a “sex position,” giving oral sex to your partner can aid men coping with ED. Prioritizing cunnilingus before intercourse can facilitate self-arousal and bodily relaxation. Additionally, during intercourse, if ED arises, oral sex offers a chance to pause, rekindle arousal, or focus on your partner’s pleasure. Incorporating premium sex toys can also enhance your bedroom endeavors significantly.

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