Refund and Returns Policy

Confirmation of Return and Refund

The confirmation of return and refund is made at the earliest with us once you have submitted your request. This means we ensure that your request has been submitted to us and we here initiate the confirmation.

However, to become eligible for the process, you must ensure to undertake below mentioned steps.

If you are returning a package or initiating a refund then remember not to open the packet and return it in the way it came to you.

Before returning ensure that nothing is missing from the packet.

Do not tear or misplace any of the product within it.

If your return/refund request misses out on any of these then we will not consider it to be eligible and this can be difficult to let you initiate your request.

Order Confirmation

We make sure that you get complete information about the confirmation of your order. This mainly happens when you place your order we let you get the confirmation either with the help of an email (address shared by you with us) or via message.

Hence, it is advised to you that once you are looking to place your order with us then cross everything twice.

This will help us and you to take command towards the right step in delivering and receiving your parcel.

Cancelling an Order

Cancelling an order requires you to follow some of the simple steps. This means if you have placed an order and want to cancel then you need to login to your account.

Reach the account from where you have ordered the product/item. Once you will reach there you will get the information written: “cancel your order”.

You have to click on the steps to cancel your order. But remember the order can be cancelled only when it lies within the period.

By chance, if you have passed on the cancellation time before delivery then you can cancel it by calling our customer support.

Custom Information

It might be the case that your ordered medicines might take some time to reach you. This mainly happens because when you are in a different country and ordering products from others then it has to pass with customs.

However, there is no means to get into the custom duty process so you need to keep in mind to keep up the margin before ordering.

Once your order is placed, it has to pass customs duty and it takes some time. So do not panic if your order is getting delayed as it might take 10-15 business days to complete the overall process and reach you.

Delivery Timing

The time to get through your medicines is nearly 7-8 business days. However, this is the normal time and we ensure to make your delivery faster.

However sometimes it entirely depends upon the country as well, so do not panic if your order takes more than 8 days.

We make everything clear beforehand to let your products reach you faster and easier.

Details of lost orders

There are cases where orders are lost and here we take utmost control to take charge and solve the case. However the overall process takes around 8 days, but if anything happens like this our customer support takes complete charge.

Our team connect with the entire process and helps you to solve the case and you get your lost order.

Refund and Replacement policy

Our refund and replacement policy applies to all of our products. But ensure the process only gets through if you have got the wrong order, or damaged product.

We ensure to take command to get through with the process beforehand. So if you undertake any such step then you can reach us via email or our customer support.

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