Active Ingredient Bimatoprost
Indication Eyelashes Growth, Glaucoma, Ocular Hypertension
Manufacturer Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd
Packaging 3ml Bottle
Delivery Time 6 To 15 days

Careprost - Bottle/s

Bottle/s Price Quantity Order
3 Bottle/s $66$22 per Bottle
6 Bottle/s $120$20 per Bottle
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We have a great product as an eyelash growth serum that is being used by many females who are facing the issue of thin eyelashes.

Introducing Careprost to you as eyelashes growth serum.

This product is in a huge demand in females, because especially for a female face and that to eyes are considered as a most expressive and beautiful part of a woman’s body. There are so many poetries written on women’s eyes as they speak a thousand words with just a look.

Eyelashes make eyes beautiful and without them, eyes structurally look incomplete. Without full-grown eyelashes, a woman or a girl will feel a lack of confidence and she will avoid looking into someone’s eyes.

What is careprost? 

To solve this issue Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd India created a wonderful medicine called Careprost. The company has created many milestones since its inception in the healthcare sector by creating and introducing multiple medicine marvels.

Careprost is a liquid-formed medicine that comes in a specially designed bottle. The whole packaging is very easy to open and you can start using it without any difficulties. The package includes the brush to apply the liquid to your eyelashes, but you can buy with or without the brush it is absolutely up to the customer.

You can buy careprost online from and get rid of thin eyelashes.

What is careprost used for? 

Careprost is a serum that is used to naturally grow eyelashes, so it is also called an eyelash growth serum. When applied on eyelashes this product will create growth in hair at the said portion in a very natural way meaning the process of growing hair will be very real and real hair will grow.  

How to apply careprost to grow eyelashes?  

The application of this med needs a bit of delicacy and caution. Let’s see the step-by-step process to apply this amazing product.

  • Open the bottle and dip the brush inside into the liquid.
  • Take the brush out and slowly apply the brush on the eyelashes
  • Make sure the liquid doesn’t touch any other part besides eyelashes
  • Apply liquid in the amount you were prescribed
  • If the liquid goes at the surrounding part of the eyes or in the eyes then take the cloth and clean that part of the eyes
  • Do not clean or wash your face or eyes for at least half an hour and let the careprost liquid absorb in the eyelashes part  

How does careprost eyelash growth serum work?  

With Bimatoprost as a core element, careprost upsurges the amount of hair at the eyelashes by interacting with the hair follicle. This core element increases the growth duration and as a result, one gets longer and fuller eyelashes.

You will get your eyelashes and the best thing is that they are natural; for example, you don’t have to take care of them while washing your face or while bathing.

Benefits of careprost 

There are some direct and indirect benefits of Careprost: 

Direct benefits: 

  • Helps in the growth of eyelashes
  • Getting natural eyelashes is achieved
  • It grows fuller, thicker, and darker eyelashes
  • Beautifies your eyes  
  • Face looks balanced  

Indirect benefits:  

  • You don’t have to get ashamed that you don’t have eyelashes
  • You don’t have to hide your eyelashes part
  • Careprost gives you confidence  
  • You can look into someone’s eyes and talk

Careprost dosage 

You have to apply it according to the prescription you are provided by your health provider.


Your eyelashes are not going to grow if you apply this liquid multiple times within some time frame. So have patients, apply it as your health provider has prescribed. Do not overdose on it.

Missed dose: 

If you forgot to apply careprost you should do the same as you remember.

Side effects of careprost 

If you apply it in too much quantity or mistakenly apply it on any other part of the face in the eye you might have certain side effects:

  • Itching
  • Redness
  • Rashes
  • Burn

Careprost interactions 

  • Do not use other hair growth products with it
  • You might have allergies to other products, please connect with your health provider

Precautions to be taken care of while using careprost  

  • Make sure you don’t apply it on any other part of the face or body
  • Clean the part of the face or body with a cloth if you mistakenly apply it
  • Make aware your health provider regarding your eye-related issues, allergies to bimatoprost 
  • Do not apply this med multiple times in a day against your prescription to achieve hair growth faster   


Now you know that if you don’t have or have very thin eyelashes use this eyelash growth serum and have fuller, darker, and lush eyelashes. You will gain confidence and strength as a person to appear in front of anyone. You can buy careprost through an online platform if you want to know Where to buy careprost then the address is  

On this website, Careprost price is very low, and Careprost for sale all around the year.

Don’t wait to start using eyelash growth serum today and experience the change it will bring in you. 


What is Careprost? 

It is an eyelash growth serum with the core element bimatoprost, this product was created and manufactured by Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

Is Careprost safe to use? 

If has not side effect and is safe to use but you have to use it with some attentiveness meaning be careful when you apply and don’t apply it on some other part of the body, or don’t put it in the eye.

How to use Careprost? 

You need to apply it with a brush on your eyelashes and not in the lower eyelid, apply in the suggested quantity and duration by your health provider. If you mistakenly apply it anywhere else immediately clean it with a cloth.    

How long it takes Careprost to work? 

The effect of this med will start appearing in 4 weeks and full effect can be seen in 12 to 16 weeks but it may differ from human to human.

Will my eyelashes be permanent? 

If you use this product for at least 12 to 16 weeks and let the eyelashes grow fully, you can then apply it twice a week and you are good to go. If you stop using the product then eyelashes may slowly reduce and come in the original condition.   


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