foracort synchrobreathe 200 Mcg

Foracort Synchrobreathe Inhaler 200 mcg

Active Ingredient Budesonide/Formoterol
Indication Asthma, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD)
Manufacturer Cipla Limited
Packaging 120 MDI in 1 Inhaler
Strength 200mcg
Delivery Time 6 To 15 days

Foracort Synchrobreathe Inhaler 200 mcg - Inhaler/s

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1 Inhaler $24$24 per Inhaler
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What is Foracort Synchrobreathe Inhaler 200 mcg?

Foracort Synchrobreathe Inhaler 200 mcg has become a one-stop solution for chronic respiratory disorders that are making people’s lives miserable. Because winter or not, people living with chronic respiratory conditions are prone to face respiratory misery anyway, and with Foracort Synchrobreathe Inhaler, we want to reach them and end their misery! But how can it help us? Let’s have a detailed description…

Lung Disorders And Ideal Treatment With Foracort Synchrobreathe Inhaler 200 mcg!

When the talk of respiratory illnesses begins in the room, two disorders come forward as the most prominent ones and one is Asthma & and COPD [chronic obstructive pulmonary disease]! 

Foracort Synchrobreathe Inhaler 200 mcg And Its Magical Effects For COPD!

COPD is a group of disorders causing airflow blockages and various other breathing problems that force patient to live their lives on ropes! These chronic conditions include disorders like emphysema & chronic bronchitis. And how can this inhaler benefit the management of these groups of disorders? You can find the answer to this question down below!

Best Prevention For Asthma!

An inflamed airway, where the space in the lungs has been swollen and constricted, leaving much less space for the air to flow, is a common structure for Asthmatic patients. There’s a lot of secretion in the narrowed space that keeps increasing the difficulty of breathing the air in & out! Know how this seemingly non-solvable problem can be avoided through Foracort Synchrobreathe Inhaler 200 mcg!

What is Foracort Synchrobreathe Inhaler 200 mcg Used for?

  • It Treats COPD [chronic obstructive pulmonary disease]
  • It Prevents Asthma

What Are The Benefits Of Foracort Synchrobreathe Inhaler 200 mcg?

When we go through the composition of this amazing Foracort Synchrobreathe Inhaler, we will find two key ingredients: Formoterol 6mcg [which is a bronchodilator—that helps in widening the airway] and budesonide 200mcg [a Corticosteroid]! 

First, this combination inhibits the secretion of certain specific chemical messengers [responsible for the inflammation], and then it relaxes the muscles in the airway! This highly effective helps in relieving symptoms of COPD like shortness of breath, persistent coughing, tightness in the chest, and wheezing! So you can live your life without suffering, even without having an Asthma Attack!

Instruction Regarding The Usage of Inhaler

  • Your Doctor will only advise you further regarding how frequently you should use this Inhaler!
  • Like any other medication, the noticeable effect could take time to come, so keep using it as your Doctor has advised you to!
  • Budesonide/Formoterol Inhaler should be used regularly without skipping as per your choice; that is why you shouldn’t halt its usage even if you’re no longer experiencing the symptoms.

How To Use Foracort Synchrobreathe Inhaler 200 mcg?

  • First, check the label before using it, and you have to go through the instructions well [given with the inhaler]!
  • Hold the Inhaler with your mouthpiece facing downwards!
  • Hold it in your mouth, lock it with your tight lips, and press it to release the medication.
  • Please take a deep breath for around 10 seconds, hold it in, and then breathe it out slowly!

Who Should Avoid Foracort Synchrobreathe Inhaler 200 mcg?

  • People who have consumed Alcohol already should avoid it, as it is unsafe and can be risky!
  • People who’re driving have almost negligible effects on your consciousness or your driving efficiency!
  • People who have allergies to one of the key ingredients or any other in general should be informed to the Doctor!
  • People below six years of age should avoid the usage of this Formoterol + Budesonide Inhaler, as it can be risky; for further information, consult your Doctor.
  • Avoid overdosing, and take the doses only as per the prescriptions.

What Are The Side Effects of Foracort Synchrobreathe Inhaler 200 mcg?

This combination of medications can easily help relieve symptoms of COPD 7, preventing Asthmatic attacks. However, some minor possibilities exist that it can present some uncommon side effects, which are given below! 

  • Abdominal stomach
  • RTI [respiratory tract infection]
  • Vomiting & feeling of nausea
  • Headache & dizziness

If these effects persist or get worse, then you should inform your Doctor for an immediate solution.

Who Manufactures Foracort Synchrobreathe Inhaler 200 mcg?

When it comes to better respiration, specifically for those who are suffering from chronic respiratory disorders, Cipla Limited has taken a step further so people with such disorders can find relief!

What Is The Correct Dose Of Budesonide Inhaler?

Correct dosage or, to be specific, correct puffs would be advised by your Doctor after completing their assessment of your condition and overall health! So inform the Doctor of your state, and follow their instructions specifically regarding the doses!

Alternative Inhaler

Budecort Inhaler 100 mcg
Budecort Inhaler 200 mcg

Have You Missed A Dose Of Foracort Synchrobreathe Inhaler 200 mcg?

You should never break the regularity of the doses, but when you have missed a dose, then take it in the meantime; furthermore, avoid it when it’s already time for another one! Because while trying to compensate for the doses, you could overdose [which should be highly avoidable]!

When You Overdose Of Foracort Synchrobreathe Inhaler 200 mcg!

Overdosing brings the possibility of multiple adverse effects, like Palpitations, irregular heartbeats, severe headaches, and high blood sugar levels, and that is why you should always avoid it! But when it has been done already, find the nearest medical attention immediately!

The Best Place To Buy Budesonide Inhaler In the USA!

When one is already getting out of breath, then they shouldn’t have to run towards the pharmacy to buy Foracort Synchrobreathe Inhaler; they should just order from Secure Medz! Here, one doesn’t have to stress about the availability like at another pharmacy, plus there are numerous offers!


Is Synchrobreathe A Steroid?

As mentioned above, Foracort Synchrobreathe Inhaler is a combination of two different medications named Formoterol & Budesonide! While Formoterol is a bronchodilator, the other one, called Budesonide, is a steroid!

What Is Foracort Inhaler Used For?

This Foracort Inhaler has two key components: Formoterol 6 mcg and Budesonide 200 mcg. It comes in handy for managing chronic respiratory conditions like COPD and Asthma!

Can You Drink Water After Using Inhaler?

There are no obvious reasons for avoiding water consumption, but one should rinse one’s mouth first before taking sips of water!

Can I Use Inhaler On Empty Stomach?

When it comes to this Inhaler and meal plan, you can have an empty stomach without any concern, but when you have a full belly, you should wait around 2 hours to have it!

Is It OK To Use Inhaler At Night?

Yes, you can! When it comes to controlling your Asthma at night, you can easily take the puffs!


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